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At our Rotherham-based design facility our logo designers build prototypes, and test them rigorously.

Our senior design team stylise and simplify objects to create unique graphics and pictorial marks. We use the symbolic and the abstract to embody our big ideas. And we manipulate letters into eye-catching forms that communicate a specific message.

We also produce brand assets and guidelines to allow flexibility of design. We consider how our logo designs can be used independently, while remaining part of the extended family.

By taking an integrated approach to logo design and visual identity, we build-in scope for brand strategies to be applied across all channels and tactical communications.


Logo Design Rotherham Examples


The Process

It is easy to get started, just give us a call or fill in the contact form and one of our friendly team will talk to you about your potential logo and we can provide you with a free no-obligation quote.  All ownership rights of the logo are transferred to the customer on completion of the work.




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